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The Ahuroa

The Ahuroa (picture inset) is a very slow and sensational form of Tahitian dancing. It's more used for women ages twenty-five and older. Like the aparima, the Ahuroa uses intricate hand gestures, but the hips are in more of a swaying action. The costume worn is a long, form fitted dress with sleeves that flow. Only female dancers participate. In terms of music, the dance is performed with a slower tempo. By reducing the tempo of the music, the ‘ahuroa looks similar to the hula ‘auana (modern hula). The Tahitian song used for the ahuroa is to be done to a waltz time. Otherwise, the manner of gesturing, the type of lyrics of the song, and the content that usually appear in an ‘aparima hīmene, are the same. The original innovations introduced to the ‘aparima hīmene to make it the ‘ahuroa were then: the exclusion of men, costuming, a slower tempo, and a waltz.